In 2005, three rice farmers in Tainan, Taiwan, became famous because of the movie Let It Be. The movie shows how the three farmers live and work on the land. People are surprised by their stories and by their love for the land they live on.

For the farmers, the land is the only hope they see in life. They stay happy in the light of hope, whether the light is strong or weak. Even in hard times, the farmers still give thanks to the land and keep working happily on their farms. When their farms grow very little rice, they just laugh and say, “It’s OK. Don’t worry! We’re still living a happy life!”

That is the way many Taiwanese farmers live with their problems. They work hard and never ask for much from the land. All they want is to love and live for it. Because of the movie, the world can remember the farmers in Taiwan for their hard work and their “let-it-be” idea about life.

What can we learn from the reading?
Many farmers in Taiwan are happy in good and bad times.
Taiwanese farmers need help from foreign countries.
Some Taiwanese farmers are trying new ways of growing rice.
The farmland in Taiwan is getting worse for growing rice.
Which is NOT said about Taiwanese farmers in the reading?
They thank the land for what they have.
They often look on the bright side of life.
They do more but do not ask for much.
They work hard and are paid back with lots of rice.
What does it mean?
The money.
The movie.
The rice.
The land.