Dear Ming-hui,

How’s everything?

Summer vacation has started here. This is my second year in America. This year I have many chances to meet different people. My school thinks students should 1 . That’s why I was asked to work at a hospital. I didn’t get paid for the work, so at first I thought I was helping others. But later I found 2 . The work has changed me in a good way. I used to care only about my studies, but I’m different now. It made me feel good to see other people live better lives because of something I did for them.

I miss my friends in Taiwan. 3 next summer after graduating from high school. Let’s go to see our teacher Ms. Huang then. She’s going to have a baby next January.

All the best,


graduate 畢業
not worry too much about things we can not change
try to learn a foreign language
not only study hard but also try to help others
make some friends when we are on vacation
it was a boring job
I could also get better grades
I was in fact helping myself
it was not easy to make money
We should always remember to study hard
You’ll know what to do
They should change their jobs
I’m going back home