Greg: Mom, who’s that little boy over there? Why is he nodding his head like that on the road? He looks so strange.

Mom: Greg! It’s not polite to talk about people like that. He’s just sick.

Greg: Oh, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. But who is he? I’ve never seen him before.

Mom: Warren just moved into the apartment next to our house. Mrs. Hooper brought him home last month. She wants to take care of children who need special help. Warren is one of them.

Greg: Can I help, too?

Mom: Of course. But the first thing you should know is, though people look different, we are all the same. We all need love and care in difficult times.

Greg: I see, Mom. Let’s find some time to visit Mrs. Hooper and Warren.

Mom: OK, we’ll do that.

Which is true?
Greg's mom helps take care of poor children.
Warren is Mrs. Hooper's only child.
Warren is living next to Greg.
Greg does not want to talk to Warren.
What does it mean?
Nodding the head on the road.
Not being polite in talking about others.
Not seeing the boy.
Getting sick.
What does Greg’s mother mean by saying we are all the same?
People feel sorry for themselves in difficult times.
People look the same when they are happy.
People need to be loved and taken care of.
People share the same space of the earth.