Andy: Sara, I’ve heard that you just moved into a new house.

Sara: Yes, finally. It took me a long time to decorate it.

Andy: What’s it like?

Sara: Well, I have a small garden in the front, a blue kitchen, a yellow living room, a green bedroom for John and me, and a purple bedroom for our children. We are also painting another room orange for people who come to visit us.

Andy: Wow, it sounds like a rainbow house. It must be a lot of fun to live in.

Sara: Yes, it’s our dream house. Hey. I’m planning a party next Saturday. Can you come?

Andy: I’d love to. But I have to check with Mary first.

Sara: Sure, just let me know before next Wednesday.

decorate 裝璜;佈置
Which is true about Sara's house?
It has a big garden.
It is in the shape of a rainbow.
It has four bedrooms.
It is full of colors.
What does Sara mean by saying it’s our dream house?
She wants to have a party at her house.
She loves her new house.
She doesn’t really own the house.
The house often appears in her dreams.