Before I was twelve years old, my family lived in the mountains. Our house was very far from my school. It took me one hour to walk to school every morning. It was a happy time for me, because I could 1, and we would go to school together. There were just six classes in my school, and only about ten students in each class. We 2; the mountains were our playground. I still remember the different kinds of flowers, the songs of different birds, and the colors of trees in different seasonseverything was so 3. Even now I still miss my life in the mountains.

far 遙遠
exercise under the trees
sing loudly to myself
play in the cool mountain springs
meet friends on the way
had to study at school until very late
played computer games all day long
spent most of our time playing
went shopping together after school
modern and convenient
interesting and beautiful
cheap and common
fast and busy