In 1999, there were about 2,482 traffic accidents in Taiwan. Most of the accidents happened because 1 . For example, some drivers drove too fast. Some drivers drank too much wine or beer before they got into the car. And some drivers never tried to stop when 2.

It is convenient to drive a car. But it also can be dangerous. Accidents can be avoided only when people drive carefully. Everyone should remember 3.

for example 例如
beer 啤酒
drivers didn't follow the traffic rules
there were too many traffic lights on the road
the MRT system was not built yet
motorcyclists were riding too fast
the traffic light went from yellow to red
they drove near a police station
there were too many cars on the road
it started to rain
learning to drive well is very difficult
driving in a traffic jam is terrible
being safe is more important than anything else
finding a parking space is always a problem