The first typhoon of this year is coming fast from the Green Sea. Although it will not arrive until tomorrow, strong winds and heavy rains are here already.

It is quite windy in Greenton. The city's famous bright sun cannot be seen today because the rain is going to last all day. Greenton's temperature today is 21-24°C.

Ferilla is also windy and rainy. Its beautiful beaches are closed because of the typhoon. People who want to have a vacation there will have to change their plans. The city's temperature today is 20-24°C.

The weather in Coco Town will still be good today, just like yesterday, because it is on the north side of White Mountains, and the mountains block most of the wind. The temperature in Coco Town is 25-29°C.

last 持續
temperature 溫度
block 阻擋
Which picture shows Greenton today?
What is Ferilla?
A typhoon.
A mountain.
A city.
A beach.
Look at the map. Where is Coco Town?