Hi Brenda,

How are you doing? I am on vacation in Hollaya with my parents. We have been here for two days. Yesterday we went to a restaurant and tried calas. They were so delicious that we ate too much and were too full to eat dinner.

Today my parents took me to visit Anita, my mother's classmate in high school. She moved to Hollaya about 10 years ago when she got married. She was very nice, and she showed us around the city. In the evening, we went to a theater to see a modern dance show.

Tomorrow we're going shopping. I'll tell you more later.

All the best,


What does calas mean?
A kind of food.
A restaurant.
A vacation.
A dance show.
Which is true about Anita?
She can dance very well.
She was born in Hollaya.
She is an old friend of Candy's mother's.
She was a high school teacher.