Heartland is a beautiful town in which cars and motorcycles are not allowed. The town is famous for its blue sky and fresh air. The weather there is nice and warm all the year, so trees and flowers grow well in all seasons.

I went to Heartland last month and stayed there for five days. Every morning I woke up to the songs of birds. Then I would take a walk or ride a bicycle along the country roads. Orchards and gardens were everywhere. Flower shops and coffee houses were also on the way. Every night from my window I could see bright stars in the sky, and I would go to sleep with the smell of grass.

The five-day holiday in Heartland gave me a lot of surprises. I hope I can go there again some day and spend more time there.

allow 允許
orchard 果園
everywhere 到處
Why did the writer go to Heartland?
To give a surprise party.
To spend a vacation.
To build a house.
To work as a farmer.
If the writer is talking to friends about Heartland, what will she/he say?
The sky in Heartland is very clear.
The Christmas snow in Heartland is beautiful.
Taxis in Heartland are very convenient.
Life in Heartland is fast and modern.
Which is most UNLIKELY to be found in Heartland?
unlikely 不可能
A market that sells fresh fruit.
A factory that makes motorcycles.
A coffee shop that also sells flowers.
A shop that fixes bicycles.