There are some popular singers these days. Many of their fans enjoy getting together to share their love for the stars. My younger sister, Mei-ling, is one of these fans.

Mei-ling is crazy about Rye Kim. She has been in one of his fan clubs since last year. Mei-ling did not have any close friends before, and she always felt lost and lonely. But she has made many friends with the same interests since she joined the club. Now Mei-ling and her friends are planning a big party for Kim's birthday. Mei-ling is happy, but my dad is not. In fact, he is very worried. Rye Kim is a total stranger to him, and he cannot understand why a man who sings crazy songs can be so important to his daughter. He really hopes that Mei-ling can love her family as much as she loves Rye Kim.

close 親近的
total 完全的
Who is Rye Kim?
Mei-ling's brother.
A crazy fan.
A singer.
Mei-ling's father.
Which is true about Mei-ling?
She is going to have a party on her birthday.
She is proud of her beautiful voice.
She has changed a lot since she joined a fan club.
She always wants to be a movie star.
Why is Mei-ling's father NOT happy?
Mei-ling is not doing well at school.
Mei-ling is spending too much time on a stranger.
Mei-ling does not have any friends.
Mei-ling is crazy about playing computer games.