Olivia: Hi, Daniel. I have something to tell you. My brother can't drive us to Sunny City on Saturday. He has to work.

Daniel: Then we'll have to go by ourselves. Let me check the train schedule. How about if we take the 9:00 train?

Olivia: That's too early. I don't want to get up before nine on Saturday morning.

Daniel: Well, then, how about the one at eleven o'clock?

Olivia: I think that would be better. We could have lunch somewhere near the Sunny City Train Station before we go to the Art Museum.

Daniel: Don't you think that might make us a little late? We need to be back before five so that we can go to Alice's party.

Olivia: Oh, I forgot about that. Well, let's take some sandwiches with us. We can have our lunch on the train.

Daniel: Good idea.

schedule 時刻表
Why are Olivia and Daniel going to Sunny City?
To go to a museum.
To go to Alice's party.
To have lunch.
To visit Olivia's brother.
Which train do Olivia and Daniel decide to take to Sunny City?
The eleven o'clock train.
The five o'clock train.
The nine o'clock train.
The twelve o'clock train.