Olivia: Hi, Daniel. I have something to tell you. My brother can't drive us to Sunny City on Saturday. He has to work.

Daniel: Then we'll have to go by ourselves. Let me check the train schedule. How about if we take the 9:00 train?

Olivia: That's too early. I don't want to get up before nine on Saturday morning.

Daniel: Well, then, how about the one at eleven o'clock?

Olivia: I think that would be better. We could have lunch somewhere near the Sunny City Train Station before we go to the Art Museum.

Daniel: Don't you think that might make us a little late? We need to be back before five so that we can go to Alice's party.

Olivia: Oh, I forgot about that. Well, let's take some sandwiches with us. We can have our lunch on the train.

Daniel: Good idea.

schedule 時刻表
Why are Olivia and Daniel going to Sunny City?
To have lunch.
To visit Olivia's brother.
To go to Alice's party.
To go to a museum.
Which train do Olivia and Daniel decide to take to Sunny City?
The five o'clock train.
The nine o'clock train.
The eleven o'clock train.
The twelve o'clock train.