Welcome to your favorite radio show, "Music Wonderland"! March 21 will be the 300th birthday of Bach, the Father of Music. So this month we are going to have several special programs on this great man of music.

Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Germany in 1685. During his lifetime, Bach wrote a lot of music for the church and for his students, but he himself did not keep his own works carefully. Luckily, his second wife copied them and saved them for him. So today we can still remember Bach through his music.

Bach married twice in his life and had 20 children altogether. He was a man who loved his family very much. When his first wife planned to learn the piano, he wrote two music books for her. And he also wrote music for one of his daughters to tell her that too much coffee was bad for her health. I am now going to play a song for you from this interesting Coffee Cantata.

And we will hear more about Bach after the song.

works 作品
altogether 總共
plan 計劃
So far, what is this radio show mainly about?
mainly 主要
Ways to learn Bach's music.
Bach's great church music.
The Bach family history.
Stories about Bach and his music.
Why is Bach's second wife important to his music?
Many of Bach's works were written for her.
She gave Bach a lot of good ideas about music.
She helped Bach keep his works.
Her money helped Bach concentrate on writing music.
Why did Bach write the Coffee Cantata?
To celebrate his birthday.
To tell his child not to drink so much coffee.
To show people his love of coffee.
To create a new kind of music for the church.