Kelly is a very special student in my class. Her father is an American, and her mother is a Chinese from Hong Kong. Kelly was born in New York and finished elementary school there. Then the family decided to move to Taiwan because Kelly's father found a new job in Taipei. Kelly could speak only English, but her parents did not send her to a special school for foreign children. They wanted her to study in a regular junior high school and to make friends with the local students.

Kelly has to work very hard at school. English is easy for her, of course. Math is OK, too. But Chinese and History are big headaches for her because she cannot read the books in Chinese. She often comes to me, her English teacher, to ask questions about Chinese and History. She is trying very hard, and I believe she will do well in Taiwan.

regular 一般的
local 本地的
Who wrote the two paragraphs?
paragraph 段落
Kelly's teacher.
Kelly's classmate.
Kelly herself.
Kelly's mother.
Why did Kelly's family move to Taiwan?
Kelly's mother needed to learn Chinese to do business.
Kelly's father changed his job.
Kelly's parents had many friends in Taiwan.
Kelly wanted to study in a foreign country.
Who are They in the first paragraph?
Foreign children.
Kelly's teachers.
Kelly's American friends.
Kelly's parents.
What does big headaches mean in the second paragraph?
Expensive books.
Difficult subjects.
Strict rules.
Useful tips.