Dear Dad,

I know you are unhappy about the poor grades on my tests this semester. I'm sorry for that. I promise I will study harder next time. But Dad, please, could I study at home by myself? I don't want to go to the cram school any more. I don't think it can help me. I promise I won't spend so much time watching TV and playing computer games. I'll do my homework every day and use my time well to preview and review every lesson.

Let me try, Dad. I'm sure I'll do better.

Your son,


promise 保證
Why did Fred write the letter to his father?
He does not like his teachers at school.
He does not want to go to cram school.
He hopes his father can spend more time at home.
He needs a computer to do his homework.
What does that mean in the letter?
Fred did not do well on tests.
Fred felt unhappy about his father.
Fred could not promise anything to his father.
Fred did not use his time well.