(It's December 23. Roger and Terry are talking about the Christmas Eve party.)

Roger: What are you going to wear to the party, Terry?

Terry: I haven't decided yet. How about you?

Roger: My father has given me a hat. I'll be a cowboy.

Terry: That's a good idea. You'll be the most handsome boy at the party.

Roger: Thank you. Well...do you think Sophie is coming, too?

Terry: Of course! It's the most important party of the year! Everyone is coming.

Roger: Then, do you think she will notice me?

Terry: I'm sure she'll want to dance with you, Cowboy!

Who will be a cowboy at the party?
Roger's father.
What can we learn from the dialogue?
Sophie will not notice Roger at the party.
Terry will not go to the party.
Roger likes Sophie.
Roger and Terry are brothers.