What do you think is beautiful? Some people believe that long necks are pretty, and some people think full lips look good. Being heavy is thought to be beautiful, too, by some people who do not have enough food. And now it is very popular to be thin. But remember, people are born with differences and everyone is special in some way. Lose weight if you are too heavy, but do not lose yourself at the same time.

neck 脖子
full lips 豐唇
What can we learn from the reading?
Different people have different ideas about what is beautiful.
People who have unusual talents may become popular some day.
More and more people today understand the importance of health.
It takes a lot of money to lose weight.
What does lose yourself mean in the reading?
Stop going on a diet.
Forget that you are special.
Fall asleep in your exercise classes.
Criticize other people.