Karen was a good basketball player. She was the star of the school team and she was very proud of herself. One day a new student, Linda, came to Karen's school. Linda was also good at playing basketball, so she was asked to 1.

Two months later their team was playing an important game. The new student, Linda, kept making good shots. Karen felt unhappy. She wanted people to know 2; she wanted to be noticed. So she tried very hard to score baskets.

The coach stopped the game and told Karen that if a player only wants to show off, she might 3. Karen did not listen. After she went back to the game, she did score several baskets. But their team lost the game in the end.

score baskets 射籃得分
coach 教練
give up her own interest
teach Karen how to swim
join the school team
study harder
she was paid well to play the game
she could make good shots too
she could follow the game rules
she was Linda's best friend
solve a lot of problems
hurt the team
waste too much money
become popular with the fans