Last Saturday, I decided to go to a movie in the evening. My little sister said that she wanted to go with me because she was bored at home. When we got to the theater, a lot of people 1 there to buy tickets. I saw a friend in the crowd, so I walked up and talked to him for a while. When we finished talking, I found my sister was gone! I 2 her name loudly and looked for her for thirty minutes. Everyone was looking at me. Finally, I found my sister in a toyshop near the theater. She was playing happily there.

We 3 the movie that night and went home early. I have learned from this experience to be more careful if I have to take my sister out with me again.

crowd 人群
were waiting
have waited
will wait
will call
have called
was calling
were not seeing
have not seen
did not see
will not see