Here are four ads from newspapers. Read them and answer the questions.

ad 廣告
offer 提供
fruit 水果
Selina's grandparents are visiting Selina for three days next week. They cannot stay at her place because it is not big enough. Selina is looking for a place for them. Which place will she most likely call?
most likely 最有可能
Wawa Village.
Next Wave Music Store.
Country Life Market.
Marsha's House.
Which is true about Arnold Swenson?
He has been a music teacher.
He will give all his fans special presents this weekend.
Most of his piano CDs are popular.
He has sold pianos for ten years.
According to the four ads, which is true?
according to 根據
Marsha's House does not offer food.
Country Life Market has fresh fruits and vegetables every day.
Wawa Village is open only at night.
Next Wave Music Store is going to sell Arnold Swenson's CD at a special price.