Weight control is very popular these days. People hope to become thin quickly. Some even take medicine without a doctor's prescription. But reports show that although many of them do lose weight, they soon gain it back or gain even more.

So how can you safely control your weight? Diet and exercise are the answers. Eat only when you are hungry and eat only food that is good for your health. Never just stop eating; doing so can make you feel even hungrier, and you will eat more. Also, it is better to prepare your own food instead of eating out. And think about changing your lifestyle. For example, turn off the TV and the computer and get some exercise every day. But remember: Don't be too strict with yourself. Give yourself some time to find the best way to control your weight.

although 雖然
instead of 而不要
lifestyle 生活方式
Which is the best title for the reading?
Tips for Losing Weight Quickly.
Medicine for Losing Weight.
Why People Need Weight Control.
Safe Ways to Control One's Weight.
According to the writer, what happens to people who take medicine to lose weight?
according to 根據
Most of them lose too much weight and get sick.
They feel unhappy about eating.
They cannot concentrate on their work.
Many of them put on weight again.
What does Don't be too strict with yourself mean in the reading?
Try to relax by watching TV or playing computer games.
Don't feel bad if you have spent a lot of money trying to lose weight.
Eat anything you like when you feel unhappy.
Never try to lose weight in a way that is too difficult.