April 12, 2000

Hi, Minglong:

How's everything?

My brothers and I have been very busy since we came back to Japan. School here started last week. I have many interesting classes this semester. Japanese history is my favorite. I've learned a lot in that class.

Our house in Japan is comfortable. I hope you can come and visit us this summer. My parents will be very happy to see you, and you can also meet some of my friends here.

I had a great time in Taiwan and I miss our classmates very much. Please send my best wishes to them and stay in touch!

Your Friend,


Which is true about Sadako?
He has found a new job in Japan.
He enjoyed his life in Taiwan.
He is bored with Japanese history.
He is going to Taiwan this summer.
When did Sadako's school most likely begin?
most likely 最有可能
March 12.
April 7.
September 1.
February 22.
What does them mean in the letter?
Sadako's parents.
Sadako's brothers.
Sadako's classmates in Taiwan.
Sadako's friends in Japan.