It was late. I was too hungry to sleep, so I put on my jacket and went downstairs to a coffee shop to get some food. A cute little dog was standing at the door. It looked friendly. I stopped to play with it and I thought it liked me. "Does it have a home?" I wondered. So I decided to ask the clerk whose dog it was. I thought if the dog didn't have an owner, I might take it home and take care of it. "It's my dog," said the young girl. "She's waiting for me to finish my work. She worries and barks a lot if she doesn't see me at night, so I let her stay here with me."

owner 主人
take care of 照顧
bark 吠叫
Which is true about the cute little dog?
It needed a quiet place to sleep.
It felt cold and hungry.
It liked to be with its owner.
It would go home with the writer.
What was the young girl doing in the coffee shop?
She was looking for her dog.
She was working.
She was buying food.
She was waiting for friends.