Three years ago, my family moved from Hualien to Keelung. Mom and Dad came to Keelung because there were more 1 here. But it was still very difficult for them to find jobs.

Finally Mom found a job in a factory near the beach. She had to 2 in the morning to clean the fish that were sent to the factory during the night. It was not an easy job. Mom usually became very tired after a long day's work.

Dad became a construction worker. He usually came home only twice a week, so we did not see him very often. One day he 3 when he was at work. He broke his leg and had to stay in bed in our small house. He has been very weak since then.

I will soon 4 junior high school. Should I go to senior high school in September? Or should I quit school and get a job to help my family? What should I do?

construction 建築
job opportunities
spring rains
delicious snacks
senior high schools
vacuum the house
get up at four or five
take us to school
go swimming
got seriously hurt
saw a car accident
wore a warm jacket
solved a problem
start a new life in
graduate from
prepare for
return to