Wonderland is the hometown of minifishers. Because the winter there is cold, they go to warmer places for the winter and go back home the next spring to have their babies. Every year, hundreds of minifishers visit Starland. They stay there with their families for several months. They usually sleep during the daytime and wake up in the evening to look for food. Small fish are their favorite.

Minifishers were first found in Starland one hundred years ago. Now Starland has become their most important stopping place for the winter. But this could change soon because people in Starland are thinking of building factories near the minifishers' winter home. Minifishers are shy and do not easily change the way they live. Can we do something to help these friends from the sky? Though making money is important, people in Starland should know the lives of other animals are important, too. Let's work together to help them.

hometown 家鄉
shy 害羞的
though 雖然
What may a minifisher be?
A food vendor.
A fish.
A factory worker.
A bird.
Why do minifishers come to Starland?
The winter in Starland is warm.
They enjoy meeting people in Starland.
They cannot find their way home.
Their babies are born in Starland.
What does this mean in the second paragraph?
paragraph 段落
Starland is a good place for minifishers to spend the winter.
Building factories near Starland will scare away the minifishers.
The winter home of minifishers will be moved.
Minifishers were first found in Starland one hundred years ago.
What does the writer think of the idea of building factories?
The minifishers' winter home is a good place for new factories.
People should think about other living things before building factories.
It takes too much money to build factories.
The new factories will not be good for the people in Starland.