Allen: Everybody is talking about Burt's Dream. Let's go see the movie on Friday.

Jason: We can't see the movie. We need to be eighteen to see it.

Allen: Oh...that's too bad.

Jason: But we can watch White Star.

Allen: I saw it last month. It's boring.

Jason: Really? How about A Cat's Life or The Roses? I heard they're good.

Allen: A Cat's Life? It sounds like fun. O.K. Let's go see it on Friday.

Jason: Then I'll ask my mom if she is free that day.

Allen: Your mom? Why?

Jason: She said I can't go to the movies without her before I'm fifteen.

Allen: What? So we're going to the movie with your mother?

Jason: Or with my dad, you know.

Allen: Oh, no!

Why does Jason's mother want to go to the movies with him?
She does not think Jason is old enough.
She wants to meet Jason's friends.
She likes to go shopping near the theater.
She loves watching movies.
If Allen and Jason are going to the movies together on Friday, which movie will they see?
Burt's Dream.
White Star.
The Roses.
A Cat's Life.