Pam: Wow! You look great today! Is that a new dress?

Elsa: Yeah! My dad bought it for me.

Pam: Well, it's pretty. It shows good taste.

Elsa: Thank you. Virgos are famous for their taste.

Pam: Oh? Is your dad a Virgo?

Elsa: No, I am a Virgo. I love the dress; he just paid the bill. And he said the dress looked strange.

taste 品味
Virgo 處女座
What does Pam think about Elsa's dress?
It is beautiful.
It is good for Virgos.
It is too large.
It is strange.
Which is true about Elsa and her father?
They have different tastes in women's dresses.
They are both Virgos.
They both enjoy shopping.
They both love strange dresses.