Emily: Hey, Frank, did you watch the basketball game yesterday?

Frank: Yes, I did. The Elephants won, 85-73.

Emily: Really? That's great! They are my favorite team.

Frank: Didn't you watch it? It was the most important game of the season.

Emily: My mom wouldn't let me. She said today's English test was more important than a basketball game.

Frank: But it was really an exciting game.

Emily: I know. I wanted so much to watch it.

Frank: You can watch the rerun this evening.

Emily: No, I can't. I have to go to cram school at five o'clock.

rerun 重播
Why didn't Emily watch the game yesterday?
She had to do the housework.
She had to study English.
She had to go to cram school.
She hates the Elephants.
What can we learn from the dialogue?
Emily is a basketball fan.
Frank thinks going to cram school is a waste of time.
Emily usually watches an important basketball game twice.
Frank feels sorry that he didn't tell Emily about the game.