Dear Lily Brown,

During my first two years in junior high school, I never met any girls I liked. 1 --- a girl came into my life. Diana is a new student in my class. She is not only beautiful but also nice to people. Almost all the boys in my class like her, and 2. She often talks to us happily, and I am worried that she may like other boys.

Last Thursday, I decided to ask her to be my girlfriend. But before I spoke, my nose started bleeding! It was so embarrassing. I wished 3 .

Dear Lily, do you think she still wants to talk to me after that? What should I do?

Very worried boy,


nose 鼻子
bleeding 流血
wish 但願
And I have many classmates
Because Mom told me not to
So I won't have a wife
But things are different now
I am happy with it
I am one of them
she is afraid of them
she finally makes up her mind
I could get married soon
she would love it
everyone could see it
I could die