When I was a little girl, my family lived in a small village. There was a very beautiful river near my home. The water was clean and cool. I liked to go fishing there with my mom. We would catch fish, look for clams and play in the water. There were also a lot of birds near the river. We would spend all day watching the birds. Life was beautiful and wonderful in the old days.

Now my family lives in the city. Last Sunday my daughter asked me to take her to see the beautiful river I was always talking about. "I want so much to go fishing there with you and grandma," she said.

When we went to the river, we only saw a factory and a mountain of garbage. My mom was surprised, my daughter was disappointed, and I was sad --- the river was my best friend; I grew up with it. Now there are no fish in it; the birds are gone, too. I hear it crying for help. But what can I do?

river 河流
clam 蛤; 蚌
disappoint 失望
When the writer went back to see the river, what did she find?
The river was a good place for children to play.
Bird-watching was more and more popular along the river.
The pollution in the river was very serious.
There were no fish in the river because too many people went fishing.
Who is the Grandma in the reading?
The writer's grandmother.
The writer.
The writer's mom.
The writer's daughter.
What did the writer mean when she said, "I grew up with it"?
She spent much time playing around the river.
She helped clean the garbage out of the river.
She grew well by eating fish and clams from the river.
She had many friends who lived near the river.