Look at the map. Harry and Paul are in front of Da Da Theater. Read their dialogue and answer the questions.

Harry: Excuse me, how can I get to Green Park?

Paul: Well, if you want to take a bus, there's a bus stop over there. But it's faster if you take the subway. The subway station is two blocks away from here.

Harry: I think I'll take the subway. How much is a student ticket?

Paul: Twenty-five dollars from here to Green Park.

Harry: Thanks. By the way, any supermarket near here? I need to buy a drink.

Paul: Yes, there's one on the way to the subway station. It's just down the street.

map 地圖
What can we infer from the dialogue?
infer 推論
Harry will go to Green Park with Paul.
Harry will take a bus to the subway station.
Harry will pay twenty-five dollars for the subway ticket.
Harry will buy a coke at the subway station.
What does one mean in the dialogue?
A bus stop.
A subway ticket.
A drink.
A supermarket.
Where is the subway station?
At (C).
At (A).
At (D).
At (B).