Look at the map. Harry and Paul are in front of Da Da Theater. Read their dialogue and answer the questions.

Harry: Excuse me, how can I get to Green Park?

Paul: Well, if you want to take a bus, there's a bus stop over there. But it's faster if you take the subway. The subway station is two blocks away from here.

Harry: I think I'll take the subway. How much is a student ticket?

Paul: Twenty-five dollars from here to Green Park.

Harry: Thanks. By the way, any supermarket near here? I need to buy a drink.

Paul: Yes, there's one on the way to the subway station. It's just down the street.

map 地圖
What can we infer from the dialogue?
infer 推論
Harry will buy a coke at the subway station.
Harry will take a bus to the subway station.
Harry will pay twenty-five dollars for the subway ticket.
Harry will go to Green Park with Paul.
What does one mean in the dialogue?
A drink.
A bus stop.
A subway ticket.
A supermarket.
Where is the subway station?
At (B).
At (C).
At (D).
At (A).