Dear Cindy,

I enjoyed the dinner at your place last night.

Everything was great: the food, the wine, the music, and the dancing. I was impressed with the delicious cake you made. Would you give me the recipe?

I also enjoyed meeting your friends and family. I had a very interesting talk with your cousin, Joe White. He was a lot of fun and very friendly.

I really had a good time. Thank you so much.


p.s. May I have Joe's telephone number? Thanks again.
recipe 食譜
Who gave the dinner party?
Tina's cousin.
Which of the following was not mentioned in the letter?
the following 下列
mention 提到
Asking for Cindy's cake recipe.
Asking for Joe's telephone number.
Saying thanks to Cindy.
Saying hello to Joe.
Which of the following did Tina do at the party?
Calling Joe.
Playing music for her friends.
Talking with Cindy's family.
Helping make a cake.