Clerk: Good afternoon. Can I help you?

Mr. Lai: I would like to pick up a present for my son.

Clerk: 1?

Mr. Lai: Eighteen. He's a student.

Clerk: I think he'd love a cell phone. We have all the fashionable colors.

Mr. Lai: Well, but I don't want him to use a cell phone too early.

Clerk: Or you can buy one for yourself. 2. See? This was 5,000 dollars last week but only 3,000 today. It's the best price you can get!

Mr. Lai: 3. I don't think I need a cell phone now.

pick up 挑選
How much money do you have
What would you like to give him
How tall is he
How old is he
They will become more and more expensive
It's the best present for your son
You have spent a lot of money
Cell phones are very cheap now
You're welcome
Of course
No, thanks
That's true