Dear Mr. Help:

Daniel was my best friend in high school. I 1 him for the first time on the school bus. He was nice, and most important of all, we both were interested in sports. We soon became good friends. I 2 basketball with him after school in the gym. High school was a great time for us, and we enjoyed the "men's talk" between us.

But things 3 since we graduated. Daniel can't see me very often because he's got a girlfriend. I try to talk to him, but he keeps avoiding me. Daniel 4 me several times that he needs more time to be with his dear Gloria. How can a girlfriend be more important than a best friend? Do you think I should find a new friend? Or should I get a girlfriend, too?


have met
used to meet
was going to meet
have played
used to play
was going to play
are going to change
have changed
were changing
has told
used to tell
will tell
is telling