Katie wrote a letter to her English teacher and got a reply from him. Read their letters and answer the questions.

Dear Mr. Hu,

My family moved here from England three months ago. I can't speak Chinese well, and it's difficult for people to understand me. I'm losing confidence.

Could you please tell me what I should do?


Dear Katie,

I'm glad that you let me know about your problem. Here are some things you can do:

  1. Your class is going to have a Story Time this month. All of you should tell stories. You should tell one, too. I'm sure you can learn a lot from doing so.
  2. Try to practice speaking with your teachers and classmates. Don't be afraid.
  3. Talk to Nanako and Yu-kim. Nanako is from Japan, and Yu-kirn is from Korea. They might be able to give you some advice.
  4. Some foreign students told me that watching Happy Times on TV can help. The language is easy.

Please try these ideas and see if you can do better. Don't worry too much. I have confidence in you.

Mr. Hu

reply 回信
confidence 信心
advice 建議
What is Katie's problem?
She is not good at the new language.
She is taking too many classes.
She thinks the teachers are too serious.
She misses her parents in England.
Mr. Hu tries to help Katie in many ways. Which is NOT said in his letter?
Watching a TV program.
Telling stories in class.
Writing a letter every day.
Talking to other foreign students.
What language is used in Happy Times?