My Uncle Jim does not talk much. He is always painting when be is at home. He paints after work and on weekends. Painting is his best friend and his life.

Uncle Jim does not paint for money; he has never sold any of his pictures. There are no people in his pictures. He only draws trees and mountains, but they are not like the ones we see in the real world. They have strange shapes and colors. I do not quite understand Uncle Jim's pictures, and he never tells us what he is trying to say with them. But I still like them a lot. To me, Uncle Jim has created a different but interesting world.

create 創造
What kind of person does the writer think Uncle Jim is?
Rich and proud.
Quiet but special.
Young and handsome.
Wise but lazy.
What does painting mean to Uncle Jim?
It is a chance for him to become famous.
It is a hobby that gives him joy.
It is a business that makes money for him.
It is the way for him to forget about his bad health.
What does they mean in the reading?
Uncle Jim's friends.
Trees and mountains.
The writer's family.
Shapes and colors.