(Robert and Danny are talking in their office.)

Robert: I'm going on a vacation this summer.

Danny: Where do you plan to go?

Robert: Well, Jenny would like to go to Hawawa.

Danny: it's a great place for a family trip! And you're taking the dogs on the trip again?

Robert: Sure, that's much more fun, isn't it? Doris and David go everywhere with us. We've had great times together.

Danny: How about the hotel? Do you have any idea of where to stay?

Robert: We'll stay at Hawawa Hotel. It opened this spring, and my parents went there once. It has many large rooms, but it's not very expensive. And there are beautiful beaches around it. The best thing is that they allow dogs in the room.

Danny: It sounds wonderful. Don't forget to show me some pictures when you come back.

Robert: No problem!

everywhere 到處
allow 允許
Which is true about Hawawa Hotel?
It is new and expensive.
It is a hotel with hot springs.
Its rooms are small but comfortable.
It is a hotel with nice beaches.
Who are Doris and David?
Robert's friends in Hawawa.
Robert's dogs.
Robert's parents.
Robert's children.