Angela: Excuse me, sir. I think I'm lost. Can you help me?

Mr. Brown: Sure. Where are you going?

Angela: To Animal Star Theater.

Mr. Brown: OK, let's take a look at your map. Here we are at the bus stop on Meadow Road. See? So you should 1 and turn left on Lake Road. It's next to Water World.

Angela: And do you know where 2 is? My parents will be waiting for me there later.

Mr. Brown: Oh, it's also on Lake Road. Walk past Finny School, and you'll see it.

Angela: Thank you very much!

Mr. Brown: No problem.

lost 迷路
walk to Lory's Department Store
go along Hill Road
go to the train station first
walk down Meadow Road
Grandma's Museum
Lake Hotel
Joe's Kitchen
Rose Garden