When Marcy was a little girl, her parents were always worried about not having enough money. Their sad faces made her decide to help, so she left school and 1 to work at the age of fifteen. Since then, she has done many different jobs. Most of the jobs did not pay well, but she tried her best in all of them and learned a lot.

Marcy is now thirty years old, and her family has a better life. But Marcy's friends keep telling her that she should learn to make more money. They 2 her several ways, but she has not tried any of them. She is not interested in anything risky. What she wants most now is to go back to school. She knows she 3 really happy if she can be a student again.

risky 有風險的
will start
has started
are teaching
will teach
have taught
were teaching
has been
will be