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Alice Munro, Nobel winner and a writer's peerless teacher

The Nobel laureate in literature imparts the invaluable lesson of how to be in the moment as a writer.

source: LA Times

By Hector Tobar
October 10, 2013, 4:00 p.m.

Alice Munro was my teacher.

No, I've never actually met the Canadian writer, who was enshrined Thursday as a Nobel laureate for literature. I mean she was my "teacher" in that way we writers think about the great authors whose published works instruct us in what the art can be.

Like many other writers, I turned to Munro for help with a certain essential element of the craft of literary fiction. She taught me to see the glories of the everyday, the epic inside the ordinary.

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 actually中級actual(實際的;事實上的) 的衍生的副詞; [副詞] 實際上
 authors中級author(開創,發起;著作,編寫) 的第三人稱單數現在式; author(作者;作家) 的複數
 craft中級[名詞] 工藝,手藝
 epic中高級[形容詞] 史詩的;敘事詩的;英雄的; [名詞] 史詩;敘事詩
 essential中級[形容詞] 必要的;實質的; [名詞] 要素,要點;本質,實質
 everyday中級[形容詞] 每天的,日常的
 fiction中級[名詞] 小說
 glories中級glory(驕傲;自豪) 的第三人稱單數現在式; glory(光榮,榮譽) 的複數
 imparts中高級impart(給予;告知) 的第三人稱單數現在式
 instruct中級[動詞] 指示
 invaluable中高級[形容詞] 非常貴重的;無價的
 literary中級[形容詞] 文學的,文藝的
 literature中級[名詞] 文學;文學作品
 mean中級[形容詞] 兇的;吝嗇的; [動詞] 意指
 peerless中級peer(同輩,同事) 的衍生的形容詞
 published中級publish(出版;發行;刊載) 的過去式及過去分詞
 way中級[副詞] 很、太; [名詞] 方法;路