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cheeks, chewed, emptying, grin, mess, popped, postage, rot, shrug, stared

'My Sticky Valentine'

By Hugo Martin
February 8, 2009

source: Los Angeles Times

"Happy Valentine's Day," I heard my sister's voice say in another room. I was sound asleep in my bedroom but the words woke me and filled me with terror.

"Today is Valentine's Day?" I asked myself as I threw the blankets off my bed and jumped to my feet. How did this happen? How did Valentine's Day creep up on me so fast?

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 blankets第三級blanket((似)用毯覆蓋;掩蓋) 的第三人稱單數現在式; blanket(毯子) 的複數
 creep第三級[動詞] 躡手躡足地走; [名詞] 爬,蠕動
 sticky第三級[形容詞] 黏的;塗有黏膠物質的;泥濘的
 terror第四級[名詞] 恐怖,驚駭