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Expressions about money...


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Can you break a twenty-dollar bill?

Jackie has a 20-dollar bill and wants to break it so that she may have some smaller bills and change for the laundry.

Cashier: How can I help you, Miss?

Jackie: Could you break a 20 for me?

Cashier: Sure. How do you want it?

Jackie: Could I have two 5's and the rest in ones?

Cashier: Well, I have some 5's, but I don't have enough 1's. Are quarters fine with you?

Jackie: Oh, that's even better! In that case, I won't have to worry about the small change for the laundry.

Cashier: Here you go!

Jackie: Thanks a million!

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 expressions第三級expression(表達;表示) 的複數
 laundry第三級[名詞] 洗衣店;送洗的衣服